Tony Smibert's passion for historic watercolour was first kindled more than forty years ago by an encounter with the works of Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851), arguably the most important English Romantic painter and great pioneer of watercolour as a medium of distinction. Smibert’s pursuit of watercolour then played a large part in his moving to rural Tasmania in 1984, where the captivating presence of wilderness has served as his muse.

A lifelong admirer of the great masters, Smibert is now internationally recognised as a leading authority on the historic methods of Turner, a Visiting Artist Researcher at Tate Gallery in London and is widely published and sought after to lecture in museums and art galleries. As a painter he has also used his understanding of classic watercolour over into contemporary acrylic, using his mastery of watercolour to develop entirely new ways of working in that medium.

For more information on publications or to watch excerpt of Smibert: Turner from the Tate (Art Gallery of SA).

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