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Turner’s Apprentice: a Watercolour Masterclass  (from Thames and Hudson UK) from on the shelves at last.


Tony wrote it to show how to learn and adapt the methods of a great master like Turner by studying that artist's original art, visiting their painting locations, working from their sketches and so on - the aim being to end up painting your own ideas in your own way. 


We don’t have copies to sell, but Turner’s Apprentice is now available in leading bookshops around the world and of course, online.  We hope you enjoy it.


Goodreads describes Turner's Apprentice as: 


A unique practical manual that enables every reader to learn the techniques and methods of one of the world’s greatest painters.

How can a modern painter go about learning the techniques and methods of a long dead master? Drawing on years of research and practice, this book shows you how. Tony Smibert brings us a virtual ‘apprenticeship’, sharing a method and approach of his own that emulates Turner and yet is contemporary, original and innovative. Smibert is known for watercolours inspired by Turner and the golden age of British watercolour (1750-1850). His method of painting in Turner’s style, informed by a fifty-year journey into non-Western painting cultures, ingeniously draws together ideas and principles from East and West to bring out an entirely new perspective on Turner’s practice.

A working manual for artists, the book brings together elements of practice from historic masters including Leonardo, Claude Lorraine and Monet as well as Turner. This is a book for anyone aspiring to learn from any master, explaining the practice and philosophy of traditional apprenticeship from the point of view of diverse models. Even to those who may never paint, Turner’s Apprentice offers a tantalizing glimpse of the thrill of painting and learning, and an inspiring tool for art appreciation.