Art inspired by the Great Masters

Tony Smibert's interest in the Golden Age of Watercolour began when he was a student at the National Gallery of Victoria Art School and first encountered the watercolours of the British master, JMW Turner.


Watercolour became a passion and, five decades later, Smibert is not only a renowned painter in watercolour himself, but also a Visiting Artist Researcher at Tate Gallery in London, and internationally recognised for his  knowledge of Turner’s methods. His unique analysis of Turner's work from the practical angle of a working artist has led to a number of books including The Tate Watercolour Manual, published by Tate, as well as the recent Turner’s Apprentice: A Watercolour Masterclass,  published by Thames & Hudson in January 2020. For more info on publications click here.

Drawing inspiration from The Masters while bringing his own expression to watercolour and more recently, acrylic,  has led to the signature style of his works - harmony of landscape informed by a lifetime study of a martial art based on harmony in movement.