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Tony Smibert regularly shares his extensive knowledge of painting through masterclasses, workshops, books and other publications. In recent times these have included professional development seminars, lectures, workshops and masterclasses at museums including Tate Britain, The National Gallery of Australia, National Gallery of Victoria and Art Gallery of South Australia, art societies and other groups.

His most recent book, "Turner's Apprentice: A Watercolour Masterclass", was published by Thames & Hudson UK in 2020. Now available for purchase online, in book stores and art museums globally.

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Watercolour Courses in Tasmania

Mountford Granary Art School in Tasmania, has been organised by the Smibert and Mackinnon families since 1990  during autumn of each year, attracting artists from around the world to intensive courses catering to everyone from complete beginners at painting right through to seasoned art professionals. 

Located on on an historic farm and listed with the National Estate, Mountford Granary (1850) has four levels, two of which have been modified - but only slightly - to allow for establishment of work spaces that remain inspirational. It offers the chance to step back in time and enjoy a unique experience: heritage, hospitality and intensive art instruction from a world-class tutor.


The Granary Art School was established  to  offer intensive watercolour courses that aim to be among the best in the world. It has since become well-known to professional and aspiring artists from all over Australia and overseas, profiled in countless magazine articles, featured on television and used as the setting for a series of best-selling art videos. It also won Tasmania's inaugural cultural tourism award. These Tasmanian courses are held on a year-by-year basis depending upon Tony's availability.  



Tony also sets aside a few weeks in each year to offer private tutorials for individual artists or very small groups at

our Deloraine studio. To apply please

Sadly our two Mountford courses in April 2020 were cancelled due to the Covid-19 Crisis. 

For information on future courses please 


  • The Art of Tony Smibert  (Studio Editions Australia)

  • Painting Landscapes from Your Imagination  (Australian Artist Publishing)

  • How to Paint Like Turner (by Nicola Moorby and Ian Warrell; Tate Publishing)

  • Tate Watercolour Manual: Lessons From the Great Masters (with Joyce Townsend; Tate Publishing)

  • How Turner Painted (by Joyce Townsend, Thames & Hudson)

  • Turner’s Apprentice: A Watercolour Masterclass (Thames & Hudson)


These books are currently available in many art museum bookshops, leading booksellers and online.

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Tony Smibert has also been featured in, or written for, publications including International Artist, Craft Arts International, Australian Artist and Australian Art Review.

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