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Join us for a new exhibition of Tony and Carmel's recent work in Melbourne this November.

Tony Smibert with Carmel Burns at Melbourne's ACAE Gallery

 This year, we are excited to be showing a wide range of recent work direct from the studio at ACAE Gallery in Canterbury, Melbourne, with world class originals at studio prices. Although it will still be a folio sale, we can now show you our work on the walls under gallery lighting and, of course, the most recent watercolours on the table, matted for framing.

Tony’s reputation as a painter in acrylic is fast catching up with his international success as a highly skilled and original painter in watercolour, with conservation scientists now noting that he paints acrylic in an exciting and unprecedented way. 

This year he was a finalist in the Hadley's Art Prize, Australia’s richest competition for landscape, and Highly Commended by the judges, who noted his work was: 

"... expressive (and) dreamlike (portraying) weather, atmosphere and a very particular sense of place in an intriguing medium, combining the holistic qualities of Taoism with a Turneresque sublime romanticism." 

It’s been a very busy year for our studio, with Tony increasingly focused on larger works for big walls and corporate spaces and his upcoming retrospective exhibition at Tasmania’s Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery. Both Tony and Carmel exhibited in a group show in Xiamen, China arranged by distinguished curator Tony Scott, who also commissioned Carmel to provide some hundreds of her own work for a hotel in China. Meanwhile, Tony also finished a book for London publishers Thames & Hudson, maintained research at Tate Britain and taught around Australia, in Europe and the Middle East. 

We hope you’ll enjoy his beautiful watercolours and exciting works on canvas; including studies, collector boxes of classic watercolours, individual paintings reflecting the methods of Turner, Blamire Young, Pollock, Kline and the Kano School, and suites of work suitable for corporate or medical spaces. And once again, we will have some splendid examples of Carmel’s work in the style most recently exhibited in China. 

Collectors and those who know Tony’s work may be familiar with the philosophical basis of his art - a level of harmony with each painting a consequence of inspiration, nature and human energy. Based on research, each painting is an original outcome of all that went before, and this goes some way to explaining how Tony’s work can sit so comfortably among the masters of the past yet also find a place among the most expressive contemporary painters. 

Art is a perfect way to commemorate a graduation, unique celebration or milestone event. Please come along and, if you have any friends who you think might appreciate the work, please invite them for us. 

Carmel and Tony thank their friend, the distinguished artist Graeme Drendel, for agreeing to open the exhibition on Friday 22 November 2019.

Exhibition Details

ACAE Gallery

173 Canterbury Rd,

Canterbury VIC 3126


Opening: Friday 22 November, 6pm - 8.30pm (by artist Graeme Drendel)

Saturday 23 November, 10am - 5pm

Sunday 24 November, 11am - 4.30pm

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