Research and Publications

Tony Smibert has authored and contributed to a range of acclaimed publications.


Books by Tony Smibert or to which he has contributed:

  • The Art of Tony Smibert 

  • Painting Landscapes from Your Imagination (International Artist Publishing)

  • How to Paint like Turner (Tate Publishing)*

  • Tate Watercolour Manual: Lessons From the Great Masters (Tate Publishing)*


Upcoming books:

  • Art From Aikido

  • Turner’s Apprentice (Thames and Hudson) 

  • How Turner Painted by Dr Joyce Townsend (Thames and Hudson)

*These books are currently available in art museums and leading booksellers worldwide.​

TS tate watercolour manual.jpg


Among Smibert’s many articles and series written for leading art publishers including International Artist, Craft Arts International, Australian Artist and Australian Art Review are: The Watercolour Apprentice, The Inner Art of Watercolour, The Watercolour Road, Mystery and Imagination the Turner Watercolours.

Some of them may be read here:

  • The Making of a Master (Courtesy Craft Arts International)

  • Turners Apprentice (Courtesy 40 Degrees South)  September 2008

  • Australian artist selected to reproduce JMW Turner watercolours (Courtesy Australian Art Review)  September 2008

  • Melbourne invitation Jenny Pihan Fine Art 08 September 2008

  • A practical approach to creativity (Courtesy Australian Artist) Part 3 Give up control to your creative assistant: watercolour

  • A practical approach to creativity (Courtesy Australian Artist) Part 4 Enthusiasm is the first step to creativity

  • Tate Project: ABC TV national news (April 2008 - view the video)

  • Fixing the Ephemeral (July 2009 - Australian Art Review)