Spring 2018 - Click to read

22 August 2018

Spring 2017 - Click to Read

29 September 2017 — News update 2017

Summer 2016/17 - Click to read

28 February 2017 — Thank you to those who have enquired about when our news would be updated and apologies to those who waited. We promise to do better in future! 2016 was another very full year of travel, painting, exhibition, research and teaching...

Order of Australia - Click to Read

01 July 2016 — Tony Smibert has been appointed a Member of the Order of Australia

Spring 2015 - Click to Read

05 October 2015 — Over the past 12 months our focus on works on canvas as well as in watercolour has continued, with calligraphic work on a large scale. Tony’s creative process involves painting numbers of smaller ‘studies’, first and these have also become a serious part of our studio output. A long-time fan of...

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